The first authors: Jerneja and Daniel, Photo Credit: Sars Centre

The first authors: Jerneja and Daniel, Photo Credit: Sars Centre


Daniel’s and Jerneja’s Ciona behaviour paper has just been published in Scientific Reports. You can read a short summary of the paper by Mari Bergsvåg on the Sars Centre website by clicking here.



We have new Bachelor thesis students in the lab. They come from HVL in Bergen and they will be working with Jørgen to automate our lab’s Ascidian facility. Currently, feeding the animals and taking care of the algae is fairly labor intensive. By introducing automation we hope to make our work in the facility much easier. At the same time we hope to provide the animals with more stable and reproducible housing conditions. Anders, Martin, Audun, Ole and Jan, welcome!



Our collaborative effort with our Italian friends from the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Naples has just been published in Developmental Biology!

QR Code for 10.1101/382465

QR Code for 10.1101/382465


Our first preprint is out! Jerneja and Daniel together with the help of last summer's interns Louise and Sonia produced a very nice story, providing a quantitative description of Ciona intestinalis larval behaviour.